November 12, 2009

Fallin Says Pelosi Health Care Plan Misses the Mark

In Mary's latest column in the Edmond Life & Leisure paper, she says the Pelosi health care bill misses the mark. Last week, Mary voted "NO" on the Pelosi health care bill.

Here are a few excerpts from the column:

I support the kind of health care reform that will lower costs and increase accessibility to quality, affordable care. Unfortunately, what Speaker Pelosi rammed through the House [last week] does nothing to curb rising costs. Instead, her bill seizes control of the health care industry and puts it in the hands of the federal government, introduces job killing taxes on individuals and small businesses, and accelerates deficit spending and the accumulation of national debt. …
…Pelosi-care is a prescription for higher costs, higher taxes and poorer care, all in the name of supposedly “helping” people. …
… Americans have diagnosed our health care system as too expensive and too complicated. That’s why [ I support] real cost-cutting reforms like allowing Americans to buy health insurance across state lines, reforming our costly lawsuit system to cut costs associated with defensive medicine and creating low-cost insurance pools to allow small businesses and individuals — the real uninsured — to buy more affordable coverage.