November 18, 2009

UPDATE: Facebook T-Shirt Challenge

Only one more day left in the Facebook T-Shirt Challenge!  There's still plenty of time for you to win a Fallin for Governor campaign t-shirt.

We're at more than 3,500 total friend suggestions on Facebook. Here is the list of leaders and their total number of suggestions:

  • Cody McPherson, 679 
  • Harold Randolph, 500
  • Britt A Weaver, 432
  • Lincoln Ferguson, 416 
  • Keisha Joslin Schultz, 339 

To participate, click “Suggest to Friends” under Mary’s profile picture and then click on all your friends and family. Once you have suggested Mary, post your total number of suggestions on Mary’s Facebook wall (or send an e-mail with the subject line "T-Shirt Totals" to and stay tuned to see if you’re one of the winners.