March 22, 2010

The Fight Against ObamaCare Isn't Over!

Dear Friend,

Last night, I voted "NO" on the Obama/Pelosi health care bill. I stand firmly opposed to this bill, which has undergone little scrutiny and represents a damaging, unconstitutional and un-American big government takeover of our health care system.

The so-called reform bill comes complete with job-killing tax increases and the kind of budget-busting spending that will continue to heap debt on our children, our grandchildren and generations after theirs. The bill also would pass along to Oklahoma $67 million in unfunded mandates each year beginning in 2014.

I realize health care costs are increasing and placing a bigger burden on the budgets of Oklahoma families. But handing over control of one-sixth of our economy through a big-government takeover of health care is not the answer. I support reforms such as enhancing Health Savings Accounts, giving small businesses the power to pool together to increase their purchasing power, and allowing Americans to buy insurance across state lines. These free-market reforms will lower costs and improve the quality of our health care system.

This weekend, I took the time to go outside the congressional office buildings and talk one-on-one with dozens of the great Americans gathered together to rally against the ObamaCare bill. They agree with me a big-government takeover of our health care system is not the answer. And they were clear they want someone to fight for them!

And that's why I'm running for governor. People ask why I would leave Washington during such a critical time. The battle to secure our freedoms from an overreaching federal government is going to be fought at the state level and I want to be leading the charge to secure our freedoms as Oklahoma's governor!

My administration will fight against the big-government liberal agenda of ObamaCare, cap and trade and out-of-control government spending. When I'm governor, I will work with the Oklahoma Legislature, our attorney general and other state officials, as well as with governors from across the country to fight back against Washington's interference into our state sovereignty.

I promise you I will be a governor who works to create the kind of business-friendly environment that will move this state forward, create greater prosperity and make Oklahoma a better place to work and raise a family.

God bless,

Mary Fallin