March 31, 2010

Working Across Oklahoma Day Three: Babies and Big Trucks

The third day of our Working Across Oklahoma tour took me to Lawton where I worked as a sonographer in a medical office and as a bus driver for the Lawton Area Transit System.

Before helping with a sonogram, I spoke with the medical staff at the Bhargava and Bhargava clinic. As you can imagine, they had many thoughts about the Obama/Pelosi big-government health care plan. Though the so-called ObamaCare bill has passed, I am hopeful it will be struck down in court and as governor I promise you I will lead the charge in fighting back against job-killing, reckless-spending programs like this.

After that, I went into an exam room to assist with the ultrasound of a young pregnant couple. It was very exciting and touching to be in the room as Chris and Natasha saw their beautiful baby. Seeing the baby on the ultrasound was a great reminder of how precious life is and that it truly is a blessing from God!

After a nice lunch with friends and supporters at the lovely home of Faith Ofori, I went to my second job of the day. The staff was a little nervous when they learned I’d be driving the bus with them on board! But I showed them, as I smoothly piloted our vehicle around town and even made a stop to pick up a passenger!

Finally, I stopped by the radio studio of KLAW to visit with David Crawford and his son Gabe. I was very pleased to learn Gabe has started a student Facebook group supporting our campaign (check it out)!

This day again gave me the opportunity to visit with Oklahomans in real-life, work-day situations. I’ve learned so much in our three days (there are 12 more to go) and have gained me invaluable insight.

Our next governor needs to be someone who understands the concerns of working Oklahomans, who knows what they are going through and who is committed to making this state and its people more prosperous. And that’s why I’m out on the road for the Working Across Oklahoma tour.
Tomorrow, I’m headed to Muskogee!