July 8, 2010

Edmond Life and Leisure: Our picks for Oklahoma governor

The Edmond Life and Leisure newspaper recently announced its endorsement of Mary Fallin in the Oklahoma gubernatorial race.

"We endorse with full confidence and excitement our current Fifth District Representative in Congress and former Lt. Governor of the great state of Oklahoma, Mary Fallin, for the Republican nomination in the July 27 primary election. This will also come as no surprise for those of you who read this column regularly. The disclaimer I have here is that she is a personal friend and has been one since our kids were young enough to play together at Rotary Christmas dinners.

"However, our friendship is not the reason I endorse her for the Republican nomination for governor. We take a look at these races from a fresh approach every time they run for office to make sure it is a good fit. I have no doubt that she is a perfect fit for this office. Mary Fallin is clearly the most experienced, articulate and capable candidate on the Republican ticket for governor. She has been a lifelong conservative with more than 19 years of public service in an elected office including being a state representative. This is important because working with our state representatives and senators is key to moving Oklahoma forward.

Fallin has the perfect combination and balance of leadership, knowledge, resources and toughness to take Oklahoma to the next level.

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