July 21, 2010

McCarville Report Weighs in on GOP Primary

The McCarville Report Online has an interesting take on the Oklahoma gubernatorial GOP primary:

Fallin, by any and every account, has a sea of GOP supporters eager to cast their ballots for her. Brogdon has a lake of GOP supporters itching to vote for him. There is a huge difference and it has little to do with the Tea Party or its advocates. It does have a lot to do with the perceived political positions of the candidates, their personalities, their records, the time they've spent in the trenches. ...
Fallin is a statewide winner. She's been on the ballot multiple times and has never lost. Brogdon is a district winner. To many out-state Republicans, as hard as it might be for Brogdon and his supporters to believe, he remains an unknown while Fallin is the girl next door. 
Fallin appears poised to win the nomination easily over Brogdon next Tuesday and the outcome will have little to do with Tea Party support for either candidate.

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