August 5, 2010

Mary Fallin Opposes Pelosi's Latest 'Bail Out' Vote

Mary Fallin's statement on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's latest bail-out vote:

"It is clear to me that, unfortunately, Speaker Pelosi has the votes she needs to easily pass yet another bailout bill next week. I am opposed to such a plan for the same reason I have opposed other big spending measures supported by congressional liberals: we cannot keep printing and borrowing money and calling it 'stimulus.' I think most Oklahomans understand that we aren't saving or creating jobs when we do this, we are burying our children under a mountain of debt.

"Sadly, the fact of the matter is that the liberal leadership in the House has the votes to ram this measure down our throats regardless of my opposition and the opposition of other conservatives in Congress. With that in mind, I believe the best way I can fight these kind of big spending policies is to ensure that Oklahoma's next governor will stand up to Washington and commit themselves to fiscal discipline. That's why I am staying here in Oklahoma next week and continuing to talk to voters about my campaign and my mission: to restore principled, conservative leadership to the governor's office."