August 25, 2010

Mississippi Governor Haley Barbour Campaigns with Mary Fallin

TULSA – Mississippi Governor and Republican Governors Association Chairman Haley Barbour was in Tulsa to campaign for Oklahoma Republican gubernatorial candidate Mary Fallin. The two addressed the media together at the Summit Club before a fundraiser held in support of the Fallin for Governor Campaign.

Barbour, who is leading the Republican effort to win 37 governorships this year said, “We consider one of our best opportunities [for a GOP win] to be here in Oklahoma, because we have such a great candidate. … Mary has a great record of achievement and has proven she’s willing to be clear about where she stands on issues and to stand up for Oklahoma.”  He listed Obamacare and the so-called “Cap and Trade” energy tax, both of which Fallin has vocally opposed and actively campaigned against, as examples of her willingness to stand up to Washington.

Barbour said that Republican candidates for governor like Mary Fallin would address state budget problems by “controlling spending and growing the economy … rather than looking for a handout from Washington.”

Fallin thanked Barbour for his visit to Tulsa and called him “one of the brightest minds in the Republican Party.”