September 3, 2010

Fallin on Jobs Report: “Obama’s Tax and Spend Policies Are Failing Our Citizens”

OKLAHOMA CITY — Oklahoma Republican gubernatorial candidate Mary Fallin released the following statement in response to a Bureau of Labor Statistics Report showing 56,000 jobs lost in the month of August and an increase in the unemployment rate to 9.6%:

“Once again, the latest economic indicators are proving what Oklahomans already know in their gut: President Obama’s ‘tax and spend’ policies are failing our citizens. Washington’s out-of-control spending and its hard-left agenda are making this recession worse.

“I’m running for governor because I know Oklahoma deserves better than the failed, big-government ideology coming out of Washington. Voters are ready for the kind of leader who will stand up to the president and his job-killing policies, get our economy back on track, control spending and eliminate government waste. I’m ready to be that leader, and I’m the only candidate in this race who is prepared to say 'no' to Washington and to move this state forward.”