September 23, 2010

From the Blogosphere: Everybody Wants to Be a Conservative

The blog, The Conservative Pup, writes about the Oklahoma governor's race:

Mary Fallin has stated clearly and without politi-speak her position on illegal immigration.  Gov. Jan Brewer has endorsed Mary Fallin.  Mary Fallin isn’t afraid to take a stand.
Her opponent hasn’t taken a stand, not really.  Though I suppose you could make the case that in answering that she does support the Dream Act, and by not stating clearly if she supports Arizona’s legislation on illegal trespassers that she has taken a stand.
That’s not the stand that is good for Oklahoma.  And it’s not the stance of an ‘Oklahoma conservative.’
Oklahomans have a choice in November between two women to be our next governor, and only Mary Fallin is a conservative in this race.
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