October 25, 2010

Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise Endorses Mary Fallin for OK Governor

From the Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise Endorsement of Mary Fallin:

Regardless the outcome, the 2010 Oklahoma gubernatorial race is, itself, historic. For the first time, both major parties have nominated women for the state’s top job. Both candidates are well qualified, and either would provide much needed leadership that has been sadly lacking since 2002.

But we think the edge clearly goes to Mary Fallin.

Fallin has experience in state and federal deliberative bodies, having served in the Oklahoma House of Representatives and the United States Congress. She distinguished herself in both offices and proved her ability to get legislation passed. She has been tough and determined to move good bills forward to the benefit of Oklahomans. The contacts and political relationships she forged while a Congresswoman will deliver a level of access and expertise in dealing with federal officials that has been missing during the current administration — and would continue to be missing in her opponent’s administration.

And as lieutenant governor, no one worked harder than Mary Fallin to improve the environment for job growth in our state. Among other accomplishments, Fallin worked tirelessly with Oklahoma Department of Commerce economic development professionals to expand the Certified Cities program. Communities across the state are better positioned for growth because of her contribution to their efforts, and thanks to her involvement, many communities enjoy enhanced prosperity today.

Mary Fallin is the right choice to lead Oklahoma, and on Nov. 2, our vote will be cast for her.