October 7, 2010

Fallin Clarifies Statement on SQ 755

There has been some confusion about where I stand on State Question 755, which would ban Sharia Law from being used in Oklahoma's courts. I support that state question.

I have sent the following statement to the Tulsa World, which reported yesterday I was undecided on the issue, to clarify:

I oppose the use of either International Law or Sharia Law by our courts to decide cases and I support the constitutional amendment banning that practice. At a recent candidate forum, my opponent in this race stated she was opposed to the amendment because of possible "unintended consequences." I said then I would review the ballot language to address her concerns. Having done that, I am confident this amendment serves its original intent: to protect our court system from the influence of international legal systems and Sharia Law. I plan to vote "yes" on SQ 755 and I encourage other Oklahomans to do so as well.