March 24, 2010

Fallin to Democrat Gov Candidates: Where’s the Leadership?

OKLAHOMA CITY – Mary Fallin, Republican candidate for governor, today challenged Attorney General Drew Edmondson and Lieutenant Governor Jari Askins to explain to the people of Oklahoma where they stand on President Obama and Nancy Pelosi’s big government takeover of the health care industry.

“We have now had months of debate over a bill which will destroy jobs in Oklahoma, injure our economy and interfere with the basic rights and freedoms of all Americans,” said Fallin. “Now, after Drew Edmondson and Jari Askins failed to voice any opposition to the basic premise of this bill – a government takeover of the health care industry – it has been signed into law and threatens to impose hundreds of millions of dollars of unfunded mandates on the state of Oklahoma.”

“We deserve to know: do Drew Edmondson and Jari Askins stand with Oklahoma families, or do they support the leftist agenda pushed in Washington by Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi? Playing the politics of ‘duck and cover’ while your Democrat allies in DC spend the country into bankruptcy and hurt our economy in Oklahoma is not leadership. We need a governor who is willing to take on Washington, fight for our state, and say 'no' to policies that will hurt our economy and take away our freedoms. What we don’t need is politicians unwilling to stand up to their party or who find themselves unwilling or unable to act at a critical time like this one.”

Where’s the leadership?

Drew Edmondson: Months after President Obama outlines his plan for health care reform … waiting on a copy of the bill … waiting on a briefing:

“"It would be handy to actually have a copy of the bill, which I don’t.” – Oklahoman, 3/23

“Edmondson’s staff is expected to brief him in the near future about whether the interests of Oklahoma are in jeopardy …” – Edmond Sun, 3/23

Jari Askins: Waiting for someone to change the subject? (We’re still waiting for her to comment)