April 7, 2010

Banking on energy in southern Oklahoma – Working Across Oklahoma update

Today I traveled to the Arbuckle Mountain region of our state for the Working Across Oklahoma tour. We started off with a meet and greet reception this morning at the 77 Grill in Davis with my good friends Skip Healey and Bob Drake. The restaurant is one of those great “highway diners” that serves up delicious home-style food. The turnout was good and we had a pleasant time visiting with folks in Davis.

Our first work stop of the day was in Ardmore, where I worked at the First National Bank. The bank put me to work in the customer service department. We fielded several phone calls from customers and assisted them with any questions they had.

We left the bank and traveled to the Dornick Hills Country Club where the Ardmore Rotary Club meets. I talked with club members about our campaign and shared with them my intent to focus on the economy as governor. I talked about the Working Across Oklahoma tour and told club members I was out there doing the jobs of Oklahomans because I think it’s important our governor has an understanding of the concerns on the minds of “everyday” Oklahomans.

Next, it was on to Duncan – lots of beautiful scenery on the drive there. The folks at Mack Energy were kind enough to let me work on an oil field pumper. Though it was windy (my hard hat kept blowing off), it was a beautiful day to be working outside! A reporter from the local paper tagged along as we checked gauges to measure volume in the storage tanks then entered them into a handheld computer. Mack has done a great job utilizing new technologies to help drill and explore for energy more efficiently.

Like agriculture, the oil and gas industry has played a critical role in our state’s history – and will continue to do so in the future. Our nation needs an energy policy that protects our national interests while helping us end our reliance on foreign sources of energy. Oklahoma’s oil and gas companies, including independent producers like Mack, can and will play a big part in cultivating domestic energy sources. As governor, I will support our oil and gas industry and work to ensure they are able to help us secure our energy independence!

Finally, we ended the day with a meet and greet reception at the Simmons Center, a local recreation and events center. The turnout was great and it was good to meet a lot of new friends and supporters in Duncan!

Tomorrow, I’ll be working at a nursing home in the Oklahoma City area. Our schedule has been packed lately because of the tour and we’ve put a lot of miles on the odometer in a short amount of time. But the long days are worth it to spend time talking one-on-one with Oklahomans about how we can get our economy growing again to create more prosperity for our families.