April 12, 2010

Today’s job gone to the dogs – Working Across Oklahoma tour

I’ve had a lot of interesting jobs on the Working Across Oklahoma tour. I drove a bus in Lawton. I made sandwiches at a Love’s in Webbers Falls and I drove a feed truck on a cattle ranch in Guymon.

However, I’m sure today’s work stop tops them all in terms of uniqueness. I worked as a vets’ assistant with Rick Reid at his animal clinic in Nowata. Normally, I would be a little nervous when a vet tells me I’m helping him clean the teeth of a dog. However, today I was actually relived to hear that. Originally, I’d been scheduled to help Rick spay a cat but that procedure got canceled! Nevertheless, it was interesting to watch the vet at work on the little dog.

Afterward, Rick and I talked about education. He’s also the president of the local school board and is dedicated to ensuring his students receive the best education possible. As governor, I’ll work to improve the quality of our educational institutions across the board: from grade school to vocational schools to our universities.

Earlier, our day started in Bartlesville in the usual way. We dropped in on several businesses in downtown before heading over to the library for a meet and greet reception with local GOP activists. It was good crowd of conservative activists. The Bartlesville Rotary Club had me as the guest speaker today and we had a good crowd for that meeting as well.

Also, I wanted to tell you about my day on Saturday. We traveled to Newcastle and Pauls Valley for the Working Across Oklahoma tour.

In Newcastle, we had 50-60 people show up for a meet and greet at Kairos Gun and Archery. There were a lot of NRA members in the house and they told me they appreciated my strong support of Second Amendment! The great folks at Kairos provided us all with some delicious barbecue.

In Pauls Valley, I worked the register at Reavis Drug. It was good to visit with the customers shopping at Reavis – which is a huge store with a lot more products than what you’d expect to find in a drug store. They were concerned about the recently passed federal health care bill and what effects it would have on them. I told them about the millions of dollars of unfunded mandates passed on to Oklahoma and about the Medicare program cuts contained in the bill. I also told them of how as governor, I will lead the fight to make sure this job-killing, reckless-spending bill is overturned.

Tomorrow, I’ll be in Tulsa where I’ll work again in the health care industry. It’s my last stop on this leg of the Working Across Oklahoma tour but we’re considering adding more work stops in the weeks ahead as the campaign continues.