April 14, 2010

Working Across Oklahoma tour wraps up in Tulsa

We got started in Norman yesterday, which was the last day of the opening round of the Working Across Oklahoma tour.

I started off giving a speech at a health care providers’ conference. I talked about how the Obama/Pelosi health care bill is not the answer to meaningful reform. We need to introduce free-market reforms, transparency and competition into the system to lower costs, improve outcomes and increase access to affordable and quality health care.

There were health care professionals there who expressed to me concerns about the negative effects of “ObamaCare.” I told them when I’m governor I will lead the charge in overturning this jobs-killing, reckless-spending bill.

After speaking at the conference, we headed to Tulsa where I participated in a GOP gubernatorial candidate forum. There was a great crowd on hand and they received our campaign well. They also really responded to my message that as governor I will focus on creating a pro-business environment in Oklahoma that would lead to more and better jobs and greater economic prosperity for our families.

Then, I moved on to Oral Roberts University where I had the pleasure of speaking with members of the student government association. It’s always great to see young people who are motivated to serve their fellow students through service in student government.

Next, it was on to BlueCross BlueShield where I worked as a health care administrator. I sat in on meetings where the topic of conversation was how to “bend the cost curve” for the insurance carrier in order to reduce medical costs for its customers.

Finally, I ended the day by speaking to the Republican Assembly in Tulsa during one of their regular meetings at a Furr’s in the Farm Shopping Center. Again, our conservative message was well received and I had a good time visiting with folks there.

The 15-day tour is over and I'm headed back to Washington. It was a grueling schedule (I logged 14-hour days most days) but it’s been worth it to get out and talk one-on-one with Oklahomans while working alongside them in their offices, in their fields and on their factory floors.

While there are a number of important issues on the minds of Oklahomans right now, like health care and stopping out-of-control government spending, the issue I kept hearing over and over was that people want our next governor to focus on boosting our economy and creating an environment where more and better jobs are created.

When I kicked-off this tour, I promised my administration would do just that. After 15-days on the road, I promise you my resolve to fight on this issue has only grown stronger.