August 12, 2010

Mary Fallin Interview with The Otter Limits blog

Mary Fallin recently conducted an interview via e-mail with the blog The Otter Limits.  Here are a couple of questions:

1. Why are you running for Governor of the State of Oklahoma?
I am running for governor to restore principled, conservative leadership to the governor’s office. For too long, we’ve been without a leader whose focus has been on job growth and fiscal discipline. I plan on being that leader. As your next governor, I will create an atmosphere where businesses and the private sector can thrive, more and better jobs are brought into Oklahoma, and our state government operates in a smarter, more modern and more efficient way.
2. Can you briefly tell me why the voters should choose you over Jari Askins?
If you are a conservative voter looking for a conservative candidate, I am your gal. I stood up to President Obama’s big spending, big government agenda. I voted against Obamacare and I was one of the first to encourage our state leaders, including Lieutenant Governor Askins, to join other states in challenging the constitutionality of that law. I support tough, smart policies to combat illegal immigration, similar to what we’ve seen in Arizona. And I am pro-gun and pro-Constitution, with an “A” rating from the NRA.
Compare that record to that of my opponent. She says she still hasn’t read the health care bill and doesn’t have any opinion either way on Obamacare. She opposes Arizona’s immigration law. And she was one of only 5 state representatives to vote against a law allowing law abiding, permitted gun owners to carry concealed weapons.
I think it’s clear that I am the conservative candidate in this race and that my views are the views of the average Oklahoman. My opponent, on the other hand, leans far to the left and her politics have more in common with President Obama’s than with the working men and women of our state.

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