August 12, 2010

From the Blogosphere: 2nd Amendment in Oklahoma Governor's Race

The blog, Voices from the Heartland, weighs in on the Oklahoma gubernatorial race and the Second Amendment.
As many voters around the Country understand, Oklahoma is a very pro-2nd amendment state.
As an example in 2004, we had a Democrat Congressman Carson who ran against Dr. Coburn for the Senate seat. We learned he was bringing out his old pick-up truck the gun rack in the back window as a prop to show how pro-2nd amendment he was during campaigns. Campaigning was the only time the truck appeared at the Tulsa airport and around the area. Shows how important it is to support the 2nd amendment here in Oklahoma even by Democrats.
With that in mind, imagine the shock to learn this morning that Jari Askins, the Democrat nominee for Governor, is against concealed carry and believes we need to "change our values?"

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