August 11, 2010

Mary Fallin: Why I Said "No" to More Bailouts

Dear Friends,

Yesterday, House Speaker Pelosi called an emergency vote on a $26 billion plan to "bailout" state budgets. I cancelled several campaign events so I could return and cast a resounding "NO" vote.

I opposed this plan, like I opposed similar wasteful spending measures, for one simple reason:  we cannot keep printing and borrowing money and calling it "stimulus." Whether it's the stimulus spending bill or Obamacare, the big-government, big-spending agenda pursued by Washington has not created jobs or helped middle-class, working Americans. What it has done instead is bury our children and grandchildren under a mountain of debt.

Now, the liberals in Washington and our opponents in Oklahoma are trying to say I don't support education or teachers because of my opposition to this bailout. That's just not true. What I don't support is a $26 billion plan to bailout states like California, which have spent themselves into deep trouble. And I certainly don't support the $9.8 billion in job-killing tax increases that were also added to this legislation. That's the old recipe for disaster that Washington Democrats are intent on pursuing even during a recession: tax and spend, and more tax and spend.

The bottom line is that we shouldn't be asked to bailout other states that have acted irresponsibly. What we should be doing is focusing on creating more and better jobs, supporting our small businesses and getting more businesses to locate in Oklahoma.  When we do that we'll create more opportunities for working Oklahomans and we'll also generate the revenue stream we need to adequately fund state agencies. That's how, as governor, I'll work to support our teachers and our health care providers the right way, without wasteful government bailouts or Washington interference.

I'll also lead the way in making government more efficient and more effective, so we don't need taxpayer-funded bailouts to provide essential services. And, of course, I'll continue to stand up to Washington and make sure the agenda we pursue is one that creates jobs and prosperity, not one that designed to support the political elite.

The best way for Oklahoma to fight big-government spending policies like the one I voted against yesterday is to restore conservative leadership and fiscal responsibility to the governor's office. That's exactly what I plan to do, and why I hope I'll have your vote in November.

God bless,
Mary Fallin