February 23, 2010

See Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck LIVE in Tulsa!

The Fallin for Governor campaign wants to send you to see Sarah Palin and Glenn Beck LIVE in Tulsa next month.

It was announced today that Palin would be joining Beck at the "Taking Our Country Back" tour on March 13 at the Tulsa Convention Center.

The Fallin campaign is giving away a pair of tickets to this event.

To register to win, simply text the word “BECK” to the number 68683. You will be entered into the ticket drawing, as well as entered into the Fallin for Governor mobile club. (Standard text messaging rates apply.)

You must register by March 4 to be eligible to win.

February 16, 2010

Fallin for Governor Campaign Seeking Student Interns

The Fallin for Governor campaign wants you to join our winning team!

We are looking to fill a handful internships for the spring, summer and fall semesters.  We are willing to work with your university to ensure you receive class credit for your work on the campaign.

We seek interns who are independent, hard-working, creative and motivated.  As an intern on the Fallin for Governor campaign, you will be able to work with the campaign communications department on media relations and public relations as well as social media networking and Web-based communications.  You also will have the chance to learn about campaign planning and fundraising as well as help with general office administration duties.  From time to time, you will be asked to attend and work at various political campaign events and rallies around the state.

If you are interested, send a cover letter and resume with the word "Intern" in the subject line to info@maryfallin.org today!

February 11, 2010

Win a Pair of Tickets to See Glenn Beck LIVE in Tulsa!

To register to win a pair of tickets to the show, simply text the word “BECK” to the number 68683. You will be entered into the ticket drawing, as well as entered into the Fallin for Governor mobile club. (Standard text messaging rates apply.) You must register by March 4 to be eligible to win.

The Fallin campaign is the first major statewide campaign in Oklahoma to employ the use of SMS text messaging. The campaign will send you alerts with all the latest news, as well as send you alerts about campaign events in your area.

Sign up today!

Tecumseh Countywide News: Fallin Covers Lots Of Ground In Shawnee

The Tecumseh Countywide News covered Mary Fallin's visit to Shawnee on Monday, Feb. 8.

Mary Fallin set a brisk pace as she walked along Main Street in Shawnee Monday afternoon.  
Of course, when you’re a member of the United States Congress who’s running for governor of Oklahoma at the same time, you have to cover a lot of ground.
Click here to read the rest of the story.

February 8, 2010

Mary Fallin in Alva

Here are some photos from Mary's trip to Alva on Feb. 5:

Mary touring the facilities at the Value Added Products plant.

Mary speaking with folks after the meet and greet reception in Alva.

Mary stopped by to visit at the Woods County Sheriff's office.

February 4, 2010

Country's Economic Freedom Ranking Falling

It details how the United States continues to drop in the "economic freedom" rankings which measures things like job creation and economic growth.

I've always fought for policies as a congresswoman that keep our taxes low, decrease government spending and eliminate stifling government red-tape.

As governor, I will continue that fight in Oklahoma.

February 1, 2010

Fallin Statement on State of the State

OKLAHOMA CITY – Congresswoman Mary Fallin, a Republican candidate for governor in Oklahoma, released the following statement after Governor Brad Henry’s State of the State speech:

“I appreciate Governor Henry’s positive outlook during these difficult times and I fully agree with him that, despite a difficult recession and an ongoing budget crisis, Oklahoma will prevail and continue to move forward. That said, we have some serious work ahead of us. With our economy faltering and more and more Oklahomans worried about their futures, our state government needs to focus on measures that will promote job growth and economic stability. We can start by addressing the skyrocketing workers compensation costs and legal fees that hurt business, further developing and educating our workforce, and addressing the rising cost of healthcare which continues to stifle job growth and chip away at our pocketbooks. All of these measures will encourage job creation and leave us with a more prosperous state.  We also need to immediately get down to the difficult job of trimming waste in our state budget and dramatically improving government efficiency. Emptying the state's 'savings account' by draining the Rainy Day fund amounts to kicking the can down the road and will make future cuts deeper and more painful. The time to seriously reduce unnecessary spending is right now.

“Governor Henry is right to encourage our legislators to move forward immediately, but it’s important to remember the problems we face now did not develop overnight. Our current budget deficit has been a long time in the making and we have now been operating in an economic downturn for over a year. If I have the honor of being elected our next governor, you can be sure that I will lead an energetic, forward thinking state government that anticipates these crises and acts earlier to protect our families and our businesses.“