July 30, 2010

LifeNews.com: Another Pro-Life Woman Advances

LifeNews.com, an online news source about pro-life issues, wrote about Mary Fallin's Oklahoma gubernatorial primary victory.

In the story, LifeNews.com wrote:

During her two terms in office, Fallin co-sponsored the Positive Alternatives Act and Abortion Provider Prohibition Act. She has received awards from the Family Research Council and other groups for her legislative work.
Referencing these accomplishments, Dannenfelser said, “Mary Fallin’s tireless efforts are a model for all pro-life women candidates this election cycle. A new women’s movement which affirms its original pro-life roots is making its way across the country, and Rep. Fallin is one of its brightest stars.”
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July 29, 2010

Rasmussen Reports: Fallin 57%, Askins 36%

Today, the Rasmussen Reports, a well-respected and nationally known polling firm, released its first post-primary poll results in the Oklahoma gubernatorial race.

In the survey, Rasmussen found that Mary Fallin led Jari Askins 57 percent to 36 percent.  Additionally, Rasmussen found:

“Republican Congresswoman Mary Fallin holds a sizable lead over Democratic Lieutenant Governor Jari Askins in Rasmussen Reports' first post-primary look at the race for governor of Oklahoma. The winner will be the state's first woman governor. Fallin, the winner of a four-way GOP Primary contest on Tuesday, now earns 57% of the vote to Askins’ 36%. …
“Eighty-six percent (86%) of Republicans support Fallin, while just 66% of Democrats have rallied to Askins thus far. …
“For Askins, the race is clearly an uphill battle in a conservative, Republican-leaning state where opposition to the national health care bill and to the federal challenge of Arizona's immigration law are well above findings nationally. Oklahoma voters also hold a pessimistic view of where the economy is headed. All these issues are creating a difficult environment for Democrats nationally.”
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Tulsa World - "Historic election: Oklahoma governor a race between two women"

The Tulsa World writes about the historic nature of the Oklahoma gubernatorial election this fall.
OKLAHOMA CITY — Oklahomans will elect the state's first female governor this fall in only the fourth race in history where two women have faced off to become a state's chief executive.  
In Tuesday's party primaries, Democrats nominated Lt. Gov. Jari Askins, while Republicans nominated U.S. Rep. Mary Fallin. ...
Fallin said she felt "very honored to be a part of this historic time in our state where we do have two women that are running for governor."
"I think it says that Oklahoma has come a long way," she said. "I was the first woman lieutenant governor in Oklahoma. I was the first woman to go to Congress since we elected one in 1920 and she served only two years." 

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July 28, 2010

Thank You Oklahoma! Read Mary's note to supporters

I’m thrilled to write to you today to thank you for selecting me as the Republican nominee for governor of the great state of Oklahoma!  We’re one step closer to electing a conservative leader and taking back the governor's mansion.

I want to thank my GOP opponents: state Senator Randy Brogdon, Robert Hubbard and Roger Jackson. We all owe them our respect and thanks for putting themselves on the line by running for higher office.

And to their supporters, I assure you I am ready to be your champion for constitutional values, to stand up to Washington and to be the conservative leader that Oklahoma needs.

The November election is important because these are important times.  We’re facing a recession and budget crisis and unprecedented interference from Washington.  That’s why it is so important we elect a conservative governor.

Oklahomans can elect someone who will fight for our rights and values, or they can choose a Washington-style liberal who is out of touch with everyday Oklahomans.

We’re going to stay focused on the issues:  growing our economy and creating jobs, improving our educational system and cutting government waste.

I love Oklahoma and I’m ready to lead this state forward.  Together we can build a better, brighter future for our families.

And I promise you:  no one will work harder for you and this great state than I will.  No one.

Thank you again for your support.  Now, let’s roll up our sleeves and get to work and show Oklahoma that smart, principled and conservative leadership is on its way to the governor’s mansion!

God bless,

Mary Fallin

July 27, 2010

The Calm Before the Storm!

The Fallin for Governor election night watch party around 5 p.m. Tuesday.

Vote Today for Mary Fallin!

The polls are open in Oklahoma from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m.  Be sure to vote for Mary Fallin for Oklahoma governor today.

If you need help finding your polling place, click here to visit the Oklahoma State Election Board.

July 26, 2010

Tulsa Today Endorses Mary Fallin for Oklahoma Governor

Tulsa Today announced its endorsement of Mary Fallin for Oklahoma governor.

Click here to read Tulsa Today's entire list of endorsements.

Fallin Volunteer At Work!

Two of our great volunteers, Andrew and Joury, at work waving signs in front of the Oklahoma County Election Board. Thanks so much guys for all your hard work!

From The Oklahoman: Gubernatorial candidate Q&A with Mary Fallin

The Oklahoman recently ran a Q&A series with the candidates for Oklahoma governor.  Here is one of Mary's answers:
How would you work to improve the state's economy? 
As governor, creating more and better jobs will be my number one priority. I'll lead the way by working towards lower taxes on businesses and individuals, reducing government bureaucracy and eliminating the kind of red tape and litigation costs that keep a lid on small business growth. We also need to renew our commitment to education. Without a highly skilled, well-educated work force, businesses will choose to locate elsewhere and our citizens will find it harder than ever to compete in a global economy.

Click here to read all of Mary's answers to the Oklahoman's Q&A

Norman Transcript Endorses Mary Fallin for Oklahoma Governor

The Norman Transcript, on Sunday, endorsed Mary Fallin for Oklahoma governor.
On the Republican side, we strongly favor Mary Fallin for the nomination. ... she has served as lieutenant governor and has a good grasp of the issues facing Oklahoma.
Click here to read the Transcript's editorial.

July 24, 2010

Three Days to Go!

Thanks to our wonderful volunteers and supporters in the office on Saturday!  They're making a ton of calls around the state to remind people to vote for Mary Fallin for Governor on Tuesday!

July 23, 2010

Edmond Sun Endorses Mary Fallin

The Edmond Sun recently announced an endorsement of Mary for Oklahoma governor.  The paper wrote:

This next four years won’t be about the governor being the star player on the scene, but someone who can be a coach skillfully guiding other toward progress. 
Regardless of their party, the next governor must be a true chief executive for the state. 
As more discussion bubbles to the surface about state’s rights versus federal responsibilities, we believe on the Republican side Mary Fallin will be the more effective leader, in part due to her experience in Congress and the connections she has made at the federal level.

To read the entire article, click here.

July 22, 2010

VOLUNTEER UPDATE - Help Mary in the Final Hours of the Election!

The primary election is Tuesday but we need your help NOW!  We’re counting on our volunteers to help us execute a winning game plan in these final hours.

We need your help with three projects:  making calls, waving signs and knocking on doors.  All of these are very important as we work to ensure Mary wins on Tuesday!

We have lists of voters to call to remind them to vote for Mary on Tuesday.  We have maps and lists of key precincts that need to be walked.  And we have high-traffic intersections at which you can wave Fallin for Governor signs.

If you can help with any of these, please call our office at (405) 778-8900 and we'll get you the information you need.

Click here to read the rest of the volunteer update from the Fallin for Governor campaign.

July 21, 2010

McCarville Report Weighs in on GOP Primary

The McCarville Report Online has an interesting take on the Oklahoma gubernatorial GOP primary:

Fallin, by any and every account, has a sea of GOP supporters eager to cast their ballots for her. Brogdon has a lake of GOP supporters itching to vote for him. There is a huge difference and it has little to do with the Tea Party or its advocates. It does have a lot to do with the perceived political positions of the candidates, their personalities, their records, the time they've spent in the trenches. ...
Fallin is a statewide winner. She's been on the ballot multiple times and has never lost. Brogdon is a district winner. To many out-state Republicans, as hard as it might be for Brogdon and his supporters to believe, he remains an unknown while Fallin is the girl next door. 
Fallin appears poised to win the nomination easily over Brogdon next Tuesday and the outcome will have little to do with Tea Party support for either candidate.

Click here to read the entire post from the McCarville Report Online.

Early Voting Begins FRIDAY - Vote for Mary!

We’re still a few days away from the primary election but you can vote early for Mary starting Friday!

In-person, early voting is open on Friday, Saturday and Monday before the primary election.  Click here to see a list of county Election Boards to learn where and when you can vote early in your area.

We’re facing tough economic times and our lawmakers will have difficult budget problems to solve next year, but Mary has the conservative experience to lead Oklahoma.

Please vote for Mary whether it’s during early voting or on Election Day.

Thanks for your support!

Vote for Mary in Online Poll!

Minnesota Gov. Tim Pawlenty recently endorsed Mary Fallin's campaign for governor of Oklahoma. Now his Freedom First PAC is holding an online contest for supporters of campaigns which he's endorsed.

If Mary wins the Freedom First online poll, the group will help our campaign raise money and will help us with several social media projects.  Freedom First also is giving away stuff to those who vote in the online poll.

Today, Gov. Pawlenty says Mary is one of the Top 5 candidates, so vote for her now to help us win the poll!

Click here to vote in the Freedom First online poll.

July 20, 2010

Oklahoma Republican Women Legislators Endorse Mary Fallin

OKLAHOMA CITY – In an open letter sent today, 14 GOP women legislators endorsed Mary Fallin’s campaign for governor. The former and present lawmakers (full list below) cited Mary’s leadership experience, her conservative and pro-life record and her commitment to job creation and small business. The letter reads (excerpt):
We are … proud to say that Mary is both pro-family and pro-life.  Mary has a 100% pro-life rating … … Mary also supports the kind of policies that help businesses expand and create jobs. … We are confident that Mary will continue her focus on job growth and fiscal responsibility in the governor’s office.
We know firsthand that Mary will fight for Oklahoma and for the values we believe in. For the last 20 years, we have watched her do just that.
Click here to read the entire letter.  The letter is signed by the following lawmakers:

Sen. Kathleen Wilcoxson (Oklahoma, Cleveland, Canadian counties)
Sen. Kay Dudley (Oklahoma County)
Rep. Ann Coody (Comanche County)
Rep. Lee Denney (Logan, Payne counties)
Rep. Pam Peterson (Tulsa County)
Rep. Odilia Dank (Oklahoma County)
Rep. Marian Cooksey (Oklahoma County)
Rep. Sally Kern (Oklahoma County)
Rep. Leslie Osborn (Canadian, Grady counties)
Rep. Sue Tibbs (Rogers, Tulsa counties)
Rep. Skye McNiel, (Creek, Tulsa counties)
Rep. Lisa Billy (Cleveland, Garvin, Grady, McClain counties)
Rep. Joan Greenwood (Cleveland County)

Enid News Endorses Mary Fallin for Oklahoma Governor

The Enid News and Eagle has endorsed Mary's campaign for Oklahoma governor.
She has solid conservative credentials most state Republicans
are looking for in their gubernatorial candidate. After two stints in Congress, she fully understands how Oklahoma is in the crosshairs of a disastrous national energy agenda and can work to help protect the state’s energy industry and develop new alternative energy as well.

She offers the kind of economic platform most Oklahomans agree with, including lower taxes for families and small businesses as well as more improvements to the state’s workers’ compensation system and lawsuit reform.

She offers Oklahoma Republicans the best option to winning the governor’s seat in the November general election.

Click here to read the rest of the editorial.

July 19, 2010

Evangelical Conservative Leader David Barton Endorses Mary

OKLAHOMA CITY - David Barton, Christian minister and Republican activist named by Time magazine as one of "25 most influential Evangelicals" today endorsed Mary Fallin in her campaign for governor.

In a statement, Barton cited Fallin's commitment to liberty and Constitutional principles.

"When our Founding Fathers drafted the Constitution, they did far more than lay out a series of legal rights for American citizens," said Barton.

"They created a nation that, for the first time in history, was held together not by force but by a shared commitment to freedom, individual liberty and a belief that God himself has bestowed rights to each and every person on Earth. Mary has spent 20 years in office working to preserve those rights and to expand freedom in Oklahoma and everywhere. I believe she will be a great governor, and I am happy to offer my support and endorsement in her campaign."

Fallin said she was thrilled with the endorsement and called Barton "an important voice in the conservative movement and a great lover of America and freedom."

Watch Mary's New TV Commercial on the Economy!

July 16, 2010

Mary Fallin is 100 percent Pro Life!

Mary recently filled out a candidate survey from Oklahomans for Life, a leader in our state in pro-life issues.

Click here to read the survey and Mary's answers to the group's questions.

Mary is 100 percent pro-life. She believes in the right to life and that the unborn have an equal claim to that right as the born.

She has a 100 percent rating from the National Right to Life Committee and her campaign for governor has been endorsed by the Susan B. Anthony List Candidate Fund, a national leader in pro-life advocacy.

As governor, Mary will support legislation that respects the sanctity of life.

July 14, 2010

Jeb Bush Endorses Mary Fallin for Okla Governor!

OKLAHOMA CITY – Jeb Bush, Governor of Florida from 1999 – 2007, today endorsed Mary Fallin for Governor of Oklahoma, citing her conservative record, her leadership experience and her commitment to education reform.

“Mary Fallin is a committed conservative with a long record of accomplishment and public service,” said Bush. “As governor, I know Mary will work to bring jobs into the state of Oklahoma and to rein in runaway government spending.”

“Mary also understands that job creation and economic growth begin with our schools. You can’t attract business to your state or produce long term prosperity without ensuring students are prepared to compete in a global, knowledge-based economy. I know Mary is prepared to reform Oklahoma’s schools and work for more rigor and accountability in the classrooms. I’m happy to offer her my support in her race for governor, and I am confident she is the leader that Oklahoma needs.”

Fallin said she was honored to receive Governor Bush’s endorsement and praised his record as governor of Florida.

“Governor Jeb Bush’s record of accomplishment in Florida is truly remarkable, and his education policies have become a national model for reform-minded governors. I am honored and thrilled to have his support in this race, and I thank him for his leadership and his continued dedication to the conservative movement.”

July 13, 2010

Woodward News: Fallin brings campaign to western Oklahoma

Woodward, Okla. — Mary Fallin wants to streamline Oklahoma’s state government while still focusing on priorities such as education and job creation.

The Congresswoman, who is one of 4 Republicans running for governor of Oklahoma, shared her vision for the office in an interview with The News on Monday afternoon.

If elected as governor, Fallin said her priorities would be “creating jobs, reforming state government, balancing the budget and improving our education system.”

Click here to read the rest of the article from the Woodward News.

July 8, 2010

Stop Illegal Immigration NOW! Sign Our Online Petition

Like many of you, I was outraged to hear this week the Obama administration plans to challenge the new Arizona illegal immigration law.

Instead of promoting policies that protect our nation’s borders and enforce our laws, President Obama has chosen to criticize and challenge Gov. Brewer and her state for protecting its citizens by addressing a problem Washington has ignored for far too long.

I support the Arizona law which basically says: if you live in Arizona, you must live there legally.

One thing you can do to help, is join me in supporting Gov. Brewer and the people of Arizona by signing an online petition in support of their efforts to stop illegal immigration. By signing our petition, you’ll be telling President Obama you want our borders secured and illegal immigration stopped!

KOTV: New Poll Shows Mary Fallin Is Oklahoma's Strongest Candidate For Governor

UNDATED -- A brand new poll Wednesday confirmed Republican Congresswoman Mary Fallin remains the top pick in the race for Oklahoma governor.

In a telephone survey of likely Oklahoma voters, Rasmussen put Fallin against the two Democrats in the field.

In a race against Lieutenant Governor Jari Askins, Fallin won with 55% of the vote. Askins received 32%. Fallin's strongest Democratic opponent proved to be Attorney General Drew Edmondson. In that hypothetical race, Fallin received 48% of the vote, compared to Edmondson's 39%.

Click here to read more.

Edmond Life and Leisure: Our picks for Oklahoma governor

The Edmond Life and Leisure newspaper recently announced its endorsement of Mary Fallin in the Oklahoma gubernatorial race.

"We endorse with full confidence and excitement our current Fifth District Representative in Congress and former Lt. Governor of the great state of Oklahoma, Mary Fallin, for the Republican nomination in the July 27 primary election. This will also come as no surprise for those of you who read this column regularly. The disclaimer I have here is that she is a personal friend and has been one since our kids were young enough to play together at Rotary Christmas dinners.

"However, our friendship is not the reason I endorse her for the Republican nomination for governor. We take a look at these races from a fresh approach every time they run for office to make sure it is a good fit. I have no doubt that she is a perfect fit for this office. Mary Fallin is clearly the most experienced, articulate and capable candidate on the Republican ticket for governor. She has been a lifelong conservative with more than 19 years of public service in an elected office including being a state representative. This is important because working with our state representatives and senators is key to moving Oklahoma forward.

Fallin has the perfect combination and balance of leadership, knowledge, resources and toughness to take Oklahoma to the next level.

Click here to read the rest of the article.

July 7, 2010

AZ Governor Jan Brewer Endorses Mary for OK Governor!

Arizona Gov. Jan Brewer has announced her support and endorsement of Mary Fallin's bid for Oklahoma governor.

In the wake of the Obama administration’s announcement that it will challenge Arizona’s new immigration law in federal courts, Brewer said “At a time when many have been willing to attack the common sense, rule-of-law reforms we've put into place, Mary has stood with the people of Arizona and defended our right to enforce our laws and protect our citizens.”

Brewer went on to say “I'm pleased to announce my support of Mary Fallin in her campaign to lead Oklahoma, and I look forward to seeing another strong conservative governor in office."

Fallin said she supported Arizona’s tough stance on illegal immigration and applauded Gov. Brewer’s handling of the issue.

“Governor Brewer and the people of Arizona are responding to the Obama Administration’s refusal to protect our borders and enforce our laws,” said Fallin. “They’ve adopted a simple, common sense policy: if you live in Arizona, you have to live there legally. I support that policy, and I think the people of Oklahoma do as well.”

To read the entire endorsement letter from Gov. Brewer, click here.