March 31, 2010

Working Across Oklahoma Day Three: Babies and Big Trucks

The third day of our Working Across Oklahoma tour took me to Lawton where I worked as a sonographer in a medical office and as a bus driver for the Lawton Area Transit System.

Before helping with a sonogram, I spoke with the medical staff at the Bhargava and Bhargava clinic. As you can imagine, they had many thoughts about the Obama/Pelosi big-government health care plan. Though the so-called ObamaCare bill has passed, I am hopeful it will be struck down in court and as governor I promise you I will lead the charge in fighting back against job-killing, reckless-spending programs like this.

After that, I went into an exam room to assist with the ultrasound of a young pregnant couple. It was very exciting and touching to be in the room as Chris and Natasha saw their beautiful baby. Seeing the baby on the ultrasound was a great reminder of how precious life is and that it truly is a blessing from God!

After a nice lunch with friends and supporters at the lovely home of Faith Ofori, I went to my second job of the day. The staff was a little nervous when they learned I’d be driving the bus with them on board! But I showed them, as I smoothly piloted our vehicle around town and even made a stop to pick up a passenger!

Finally, I stopped by the radio studio of KLAW to visit with David Crawford and his son Gabe. I was very pleased to learn Gabe has started a student Facebook group supporting our campaign (check it out)!

This day again gave me the opportunity to visit with Oklahomans in real-life, work-day situations. I’ve learned so much in our three days (there are 12 more to go) and have gained me invaluable insight.

Our next governor needs to be someone who understands the concerns of working Oklahomans, who knows what they are going through and who is committed to making this state and its people more prosperous. And that’s why I’m out on the road for the Working Across Oklahoma tour.
Tomorrow, I’m headed to Muskogee!

Tulsa World: Fallin gets to work on campaign

Putting on protective goggles, latex gloves and a plastic apron, U.S. Rep. Mary Fallin went to work Tuesday morning at a NORDAM assembly line in north Tulsa.

Saying they expected her to do it just long enough to have a picture taken, plant managers deliberately assigned her one of the most labor-intensive jobs — using hand-held power tools to put the final polish on newly manufactured aircraft windows.

Then the Republican gubernatorial hopeful kept at it for nearly 45 minutes, even starting over on a Boeing 747 window after it failed inspection. All without a photographer in sight.

"I wanted to work," Fallin said. "And this is hard work."

So is running for governor.

With Congress in recess, Fallin embarked this week on a 15-day tour that will take her to 21 counties across the state to experience a variety of "ordinary" jobs.

Click here to read the rest of the story in the Tulsa World.

March 30, 2010

Manufacturers Say Decreasing Costs of Business Key for next governor

The second day of our “Working Across Oklahoma” tour started off bright and early as we drove to Tulsa. The work definitely would be hands as I was going to work as an aerospace technician at Nordam and as a machinist at Webco in Sand Springs.

The aerospace industry has been important to me for a long time. As lieutenant governor, I organized our state’s first aerospace summit, which has grown into one of the premier industry events across the country. At Nordam, we met with the company executives and then headed to the factory to get to work! My job for the day was helping make windows for Boeing 747s. We used, for lack of a better word, a huge sander along with water and a cleaning agent to achieve a perfectly clear airplane window. I even got to take home one of the windows I worked on.

The technical skill of the fabricators was amazing! It just goes to show that as a state we must ensure we have a skilled and educated workforce so that companies like Nordam have the workers they need to succeed and so that other companies will want to relocate here to hire our citizens. A better educated workforce will get us better jobs, and that’s exactly what we’ll get when I’m governor.

In Sand Springs, I went to work with the machinists. Webco manufactures specialty tubing and other metal products, some of which are used in offshore oil drilling. On the factory floor, we used the heavy-duty machines to straighten some metal piping.

I got a chance to speak with Webco’s vice chairman, Dana Weber, and she told me workers’ compensation costs are very expensive for their company. Obviously, companies like Webco want to take care of their workers should they get injured on the job, but I don’t think they should be taken to the cleaners with excessive costs.

Making Oklahoma a more pro-business environment will be my main focus as governor. And a key component of that will be to ensure we reduce the costs from predatory lawsuits and reform our outdated workers’ compensation system.

Finally, I gave an official campaign kick-off speech at the Tulsa Press Club. Make sure to watch the Tulsa news tonight to see our stories!

The jobs I did today were tough and the people I worked with equally diligent and up to the task. I’ve always said the strength of our state lies within our people and today shows just how true that is. With a governor like me focused on removing the impediments standing in the way of our businesses and the hard work and determination of our people, Oklahoma can move forward to a more prosperous future!

March 29, 2010

Working Across Oklahoma Tour off to great start

Our “Working Across Oklahoma” tour is off to a tremendous success! Working various jobs around the state will give me hands-on experience in different industries and highlight the focus of our campaign for governor: jobs.

The first day began early in my hometown, Tecumseh. I visited with many old friends who were there years ago in the same meeting room when I announced my campaign for the state House and then again for lieutenant governor.

At the Oklahoma History Center, nearly 200 friends and supporters showed up for a campaign kick-off rally! I was very encouraged and uplifted by their support of my vision for a more prosperous Oklahoma. You can read some of the news stories about the rally in the News section of our Web site or on our Facebook page.

Finally, we wrapped up the day in Stillwater where I taught a government class at Oklahoma State (my alma mater)! I visited with some great kids and I had a wonderful time talking with them about how Congress works.

Higher education is so important to the future of our state, and as governor I will work to make sure our college students get the best education possible. But a great education, like the ones those kids at OSU are getting, won’t be enough if there are no jobs when you graduate.

Our next governor must focus on creating a pro-business environment in our state so new companies will want to relocate to Oklahoma and those companies already here can thrive and expand.

And that’s why I’m traveling across the state and working alongside Oklahomans in their offices, on the assembly lines and out in the fields. I’ll be able to talk with both employers and workers about what the next governor can do to build the strongest economy possible. And that will provide me invaluable experience if I get the honor of serving as Oklahoma’s next governor.

I’m excited about our next tour stop: Tulsa. I’ll be giving another campaign speech, and will be working as an aerospace technician and machinist!

March 26, 2010

Campaign Kick-off: Fallin's "Working Across Oklahoma" Tour Begins on Monday

It’s been nearly a year since I announced my intention to run for governor of Oklahoma and in that time it’s become more apparent to me we need an experienced, conservative leader to clear the way for greater economic prosperity and to lead the charge in preserving our freedoms.

I am that leader.  For 20 years, I have dedicated myself to the service of our great state and no other candidate has the combination of legislative, executive and private sector experience that I do.

Next week, we’ll be officially kicking off our campaign for governor with a 15-day, 19-county “Working Across Oklahoma” jobs tour.  Our campaign has always focused like a laser on job creation and economic growth, and that's why I'm rolling up my sleeves, joining Oklahomans at their workplaces and actually doing their jobs with them each day while I'm on the road.  I'm looking forward to not only meeting workers and business leaders across the state, but to putting my nose to the grindstone with them on their assembly lines, in their offices and out in the field.

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March 24, 2010

Fallin to Democrat Gov Candidates: Where’s the Leadership?

OKLAHOMA CITY – Mary Fallin, Republican candidate for governor, today challenged Attorney General Drew Edmondson and Lieutenant Governor Jari Askins to explain to the people of Oklahoma where they stand on President Obama and Nancy Pelosi’s big government takeover of the health care industry.

“We have now had months of debate over a bill which will destroy jobs in Oklahoma, injure our economy and interfere with the basic rights and freedoms of all Americans,” said Fallin. “Now, after Drew Edmondson and Jari Askins failed to voice any opposition to the basic premise of this bill – a government takeover of the health care industry – it has been signed into law and threatens to impose hundreds of millions of dollars of unfunded mandates on the state of Oklahoma.”

“We deserve to know: do Drew Edmondson and Jari Askins stand with Oklahoma families, or do they support the leftist agenda pushed in Washington by Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi? Playing the politics of ‘duck and cover’ while your Democrat allies in DC spend the country into bankruptcy and hurt our economy in Oklahoma is not leadership. We need a governor who is willing to take on Washington, fight for our state, and say 'no' to policies that will hurt our economy and take away our freedoms. What we don’t need is politicians unwilling to stand up to their party or who find themselves unwilling or unable to act at a critical time like this one.”

Where’s the leadership?

Drew Edmondson: Months after President Obama outlines his plan for health care reform … waiting on a copy of the bill … waiting on a briefing:

“"It would be handy to actually have a copy of the bill, which I don’t.” – Oklahoman, 3/23

“Edmondson’s staff is expected to brief him in the near future about whether the interests of Oklahoma are in jeopardy …” – Edmond Sun, 3/23

Jari Askins: Waiting for someone to change the subject? (We’re still waiting for her to comment)


March 22, 2010

Fallin Calls on AG Drew Edmondson to Take Action Against “Obamacare”

Pledges to Continue the Fight Against Costly, Unconstitutional Bill

Mary Fallin, Republican candidate for Governor of Oklahoma, today challenged Attorney General Drew Edmondson to join other attorneys general in filing a lawsuit opposing the unconstitutional provisions of President Obama’s health care bill.

"I am outraged that such a blatantly unconstitutional bill could have made it this far in the legislative process, and I am calling on our attorney general to speak out now and to join other attorney generals in filing suit. Drew Edmonson owes it to the people of Oklahoma and to this country to do the right thing, stand up to his party and act now to protect this state, our country and our Constitution.”

 “Obamacare,” as the bill has been dubbed, was passed in the U.S. House of Representatives on Sunday after an unprecedented attempt to cajole and coerce members of Congress to support the unpopular measure. Fallin, however, said the fight against government run health care is far from over.

As of now, Attorneys General from Virginia, South Carolina, Nebraska, Texas, Utah, Pennsylvania, Washington, North Dakota and South Dakota have announced their intention to challenge the constitutionality of the law in court.

“Nancy Pelosi and President Obama may have succeeded in ramming this bill through Congress, but they are a long way from being able to ram it down the throats of an angry American public. In addition to the tax increases, unfunded mandates and government intrusions this bill proposes, it is fundamentally un-American and unconstitutional,” said Fallin.

Fallin said she would work with state leaders across the nation to prevent the implementation of government-run health care, and would instead pursue free market reforms to lower health care costs and increase access and affordability. She said the bill pushed by Obama and Pelosi would cost Americans jobs, increase prices and ultimately reduce the quality of the medical treatment Oklahomans receive.

“This bill is bad for our economy and bad for our health,” said Fallin. “As governor, my main focus will be to create jobs and make Oklahoma a more prosperous state. ‘Obamacare’ will do just the opposite. Frankly, I am furious that the Democratic candidates hoping to serve as Oklahoma’s next governor have been silent about a law that would have such devastating affects on our state. If more Democrats had spoken out against their party in Washington, rather than siding with President Obama and Nancy Pelosi, we might not be in the dire situation we are today.”

“Every day that goes by without our attorney general filing suit is a day that Drew Edmondson has chosen the far-left agenda of Barack Obama and Nancy Pelosi over the people of Oklahoma," Fallin said.

The Fight Against ObamaCare Isn't Over!

Dear Friend,

Last night, I voted "NO" on the Obama/Pelosi health care bill. I stand firmly opposed to this bill, which has undergone little scrutiny and represents a damaging, unconstitutional and un-American big government takeover of our health care system.

The so-called reform bill comes complete with job-killing tax increases and the kind of budget-busting spending that will continue to heap debt on our children, our grandchildren and generations after theirs. The bill also would pass along to Oklahoma $67 million in unfunded mandates each year beginning in 2014.

I realize health care costs are increasing and placing a bigger burden on the budgets of Oklahoma families. But handing over control of one-sixth of our economy through a big-government takeover of health care is not the answer. I support reforms such as enhancing Health Savings Accounts, giving small businesses the power to pool together to increase their purchasing power, and allowing Americans to buy insurance across state lines. These free-market reforms will lower costs and improve the quality of our health care system.

This weekend, I took the time to go outside the congressional office buildings and talk one-on-one with dozens of the great Americans gathered together to rally against the ObamaCare bill. They agree with me a big-government takeover of our health care system is not the answer. And they were clear they want someone to fight for them!

And that's why I'm running for governor. People ask why I would leave Washington during such a critical time. The battle to secure our freedoms from an overreaching federal government is going to be fought at the state level and I want to be leading the charge to secure our freedoms as Oklahoma's governor!

My administration will fight against the big-government liberal agenda of ObamaCare, cap and trade and out-of-control government spending. When I'm governor, I will work with the Oklahoma Legislature, our attorney general and other state officials, as well as with governors from across the country to fight back against Washington's interference into our state sovereignty.

I promise you I will be a governor who works to create the kind of business-friendly environment that will move this state forward, create greater prosperity and make Oklahoma a better place to work and raise a family.

God bless,

Mary Fallin

March 21, 2010

Mary Fallin talks with Crowds Rallying Against ObamaCare

Click here to watch a video of Mary Fallin greeting the crowd gathered outside the House office buildings in protest of the Obama/Pelosi health care bill.

March 19, 2010

Mary Fallin speaks on the House floor against the Obama/Pelosi health care bill

Click here to watch a video of Mary Fallin's House floor speech against the Obama/Pelosi health care bill.

Mary says the bill is an unconstitutional attempt to let the federal government intrude into our lives.

March 18, 2010

Say "NO" to ObamaCare

Like most Oklahomans, Mary Fallin is against ObamaCare.  It's time to make our voices heard.

Light up the phone lines in Washington and let them know you are against a big government takeover of our health care system.

Ask your friends and family to call their member of Congress and tell them to vote "NO" on the ObamaCare bill.

Here is the number for the main switchboard in the U.S. House:  (202) 224-3121.

Or click here to look up your member of Congress on the House Web site.

Mary Fallin talks about online grassroots team

For too long, we have gone without an energetic leader working to create more jobs and a better Oklahoma. That's why we need Mary Fallin as our next governor. 

For 20 years, Mary has worked to bring more and better jobs to our home state. As governor, she'll create the kind of business-friendly environment that will move this state forward, create greater prosperity and make Oklahoma a better place to work and raise a family.  

That’s why we’re emailing you.  

To ensure Mary Fallin is elected our governor, the campaign needs your help TODAY! 

March 10, 2010

Rasmussen Reports Finds Fallin Defeats All Contenders in Governor's Race

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT, national polling firm Rasmussen Reports found that Mary Fallin defeated all contenders in a recent telephone survey conducted on the Oklahoma governor’s race.

According to

The first Rasmussen Reports Election 2010 telephone survey of the race finds Fallin earning the support of 51% of likely voters against both announced Democrats in the race, Lieutenant Governor Jari Askins and state Attorney General Drew Edmondson.  …

Fallin, one of the state’s five House members, was the first woman to serve as lieutenant governor. She was elected to the House in 2006. Twenty-six percent (26%) of Oklahoma voters have a very favorable opinion of Fallin (emphasis added), while 13% view her very unfavorably.

Askins, a former legislator and judge, was elected lieutenant governor in 2006. She’s viewed very favorably by 14% and very unfavorably by eight percent (8%).  Twenty percent (20%) have a very favorable opinion of Edmonson, who has been state attorney general since 1994. Fourteen percent (14%) view him very unfavorably.

At this early stage of the campaign, Rasmussen Reports considers the very favorable and very unfavorable figures more significant than the overall favorability totals. (emphasis added)

Click here to read more about the survey at the