October 29, 2010

Muskogee Phoenix Endorses Mary Fallin for Oklahoma Governor

The Muskogee Phoenix endorsed Mary Fallin for Oklahoma governor.  The Phoenix wrote:
Governor: Vote Mary Fallin. In a race with two very strong candidates, Fallin gets the nod over Jari Askins. Fallin has a better vision and a sense of urgency. We need someone who is ready to take action and move Oklahoma forward. Fallin has the experience as a state representative and lieutenant governor. The state will be in good hands either way, but we believe Fallin is a cut above.

October 28, 2010

Enid News & Eagle Endorses Mary Fallin for Oklahoma Governor!

The Enid News and Eagle endorsed Mary Fallin for Oklahoma governor:

When looking at the priorities the state has to deal with — the overall budget shortfall, education funding, road and bridge priorities and the need to keep Oklahoma on solid footing in economic development, we give the nod to both Republicans to lead the top of the ticket and join the Republican-led Legislature in seeing what they can really do to move Oklahoma ahead.
As governor, Mary Fallin would provide the kind of aggression needed in addressing some top issues that our state has to get a handle on.
Click here to read the paper's entire endorsement.

October 27, 2010

JC Watts Endorses Mary Fallin for OK Governor

Fallin for Governor Caravan Barnstorming the State on Saturday!

On Saturday, October 30, we're sending teams all across Oklahoma for the Fallin for Governor Caravan. Nine teams will start in various locations across the state. All together, we'll be hitting more than 50 towns Saturday morning to energize our supporters and to remind people to vote for Mary on Tuesday.

Click here for a complete list of the towns, times and locations of the stops along the caravan.

At each stop, we'll pass out stickers, hand out campaign literature and put out yard signs in high-traffic areas. Then, our teams will caravan back to Oklahoma City for a huge "get out the vote" with Mary at 2 p.m. at the Harn Homestead.

We'd like you to join us for the caravan and for your help, we'll give you a special campaign t-shirt for free!  If you have questions about the caravan or would like to join us, please call (405) 778-8900.

Or just meet up with our team Saturday at one of the caravan stops!

October 26, 2010

National Veterans Group Endorses Mary Fallin for Oklahoma Governor

In a recent letter, the National Vietnam and Gulf War Veterans Coalition endorsed Mary Fallin for Oklahoma governor.

The group wrote:
Your leadership, patriotism and common sense are especially needed at this particular time in our history when our beloved country is at risk, not only from foreign terrorists, but also from domestic advocates of extreme social and economic "reform" and the weaklings who fail to confront them. ...
As veterans, we served to protect our nation and, although we are concerned about veterans issues, we continue to be focused, like you, on "What can we do for our country?" ...
We are very appreciative of your strong efforts to stem the tide of illegal immigration which severly threatens our national security. ... We are also very grateful for your heaving supported efforts to effect the return of our POWs.