April 29, 2010

Join the Thousands Who Have Signed Anti-ObamaCare Petition

Our online petition to fight ObamaCare has been a huge success! In less than a week, we’ve collected thousands of signatures online … and there’s still time for you to sign if you have not done so.

Oklahoma’s top Democrat officials – including Gov. Brad Henry, Lt. Gov Jari Askins and Attorney General Drew Edmondson – remain on the sidelines in the fight to repeal ObamaCare.  In fact, because of their inaction our Legislature was forced to hire an independent law firm to file suit on behalf of Oklahoma to challenge this bill. Sign our online petition and let them know that is UNACCEPTABLE!

As governor, Mary Fallin will fight policies like ObamaCare that are forced on Oklahoma by an overreaching federal government.  This bill will lead to higher taxes, will eliminate jobs and will undoubtedly lower the quality of care that Oklahomans receive.

Please sign our online petition today and let Brad Henry, Jari Askins and Drew Edmondson know you want them to stand with Oklahoma and not President Obama and Nancy Pelosi!

April 21, 2010

Press Release: Fallin Announces Fundraising Record After Successful “Working Across Oklahoma” Tour

OKLAHOMA CITY – Mary Fallin, Republican candidate for governor, today reported that her fundraising numbers for the first quarter of 2010 came in at approximately $510,000. The number is the most Fallin has ever raised in a quarter and is the most any Oklahoma gubernatorial candidate has raised this election cycle. Her campaign also reported that it now has more than 3,245 individual donors, with 98 percent of donations coming from individuals and 95 percent of all contributions coming from within the state of Oklahoma. The campaign also has donations from all 77 counties.

Campaign Manager Denise Northrup attributed the good numbers to Fallin’s focus on job creation and economic growth, her willingness to get out among the voters and the success of Fallin’s recent “Working Across Oklahoma” tour, a 15 day, 21 county trip across the state. During the tour, Fallin spent a portion of each day doing the jobs of other working Oklahomans, serving as a ranch hand in Guymon, a nurse’s aid in Muskogee and an aerospace technician in Tulsa, among many other stops.

“Voters and potential donors appreciate a candidate who is going to get out of the office and actually listen to their concerns and ideas on how to create more jobs here in the state,” said Northrup. “Mary did that, and I think our fundraising success shows her message is really resonating with Oklahomans. I also think it shows that people really appreciate her dedication and hard work.”

What They’re Saying About the Working Across Oklahoma Tour

“Oklahoma Republican Mary Fallin kicks off gubernatorial campaign,” Oklahoman (3/29/10)

  • "Fallin told a crowd estimated at 150 to 200 that if elected governor she would travel across the state to meet with constituents and to promote the state to attract businesses. … Her main focus, she said, will be restoring the state's economy."

“Fallin gets to work on campaign: gubernatorial hopeful launches bid in factories,” Tulsa World (3/31/10)

  • "Putting on protective goggles, latex gloves and a plastic apron, U.S. Rep. Mary Fallin went to work Tuesday morning at a NORDAM assembly line in north Tulsa. … Then the Republican gubernatorial hopeful kept at it for nearly 45 minutes, even starting over on a Boeing 747 window after it failed inspection. All without a photographer in sight." 

“Fallin literally works across state,” Lawton Constitution (4/1/10)

  • "While in Lawton, Fallin worked at Dr. Ajay Bhargava's office, where she performed a sonogram on a pregnant woman. Then Fallin headed to the Lawton Area Transit System, where she learned to drive a city bus. … Fallin said her tour is a way of connecting with Oklahomans and focusing her campaign on the issue of bringing jobs to the state."

“Fallin says she would focus on jobs,” Muskogee Phoenix (4/1/10)

  • "Congresswoman Mary Fallin said Thursday if she is successful in her bid to become Oklahoma’s next governor, she will have a 'laser beam' focus on jobs. … She got involved on a personal level at Muskogee Regional Medical Center on Thursday morning, working as an intake clerk.

“Fallin working across Sooner State,” Duncan Banner (4/9/10)

  • "As if her resume wasn’t extensive enough, Congresswomen Mary Fallin (OK-05) launched a whirlwind, 15-day, 21-county tour, where she is literally working her way across Oklahoma. Wednesday, Fallin was in Cox City to try her hand as a pumper for Mack Energy."

“Fallin explores state jobs,” Edmond Sun (4/9/10)

  • "Not often does an Oklahoman get a chance to see Congresswoman Mary Fallin walk into a certified public accountant’s office wearing a UPS jumpsuit."

April 15, 2010

Tax Day

Tax Day is bearing down on us again and serves as another reminder of the need to reform our outdated tax laws.

Going back to my days in the Oklahoma House, I’ve always supported reforms that lessen the tax burden on families and allow them to keep more of their hard-earned money. As a member of Congress, I’ve fought to drastically reduce the capital gains tax, the corporate tax and the estate tax in order to foster a business environment where more and better jobs can be created.

President Obama, Speaker Pelosi and the other liberals in Washington believe they can tax and spend our way to prosperity. But in Oklahoma, we know that’s just not right.

We need to have a tax code that incentivizes the entrepreneurial spirit that made our country into the greatest economy in the world! I promise as governor, I will support tax policy that helps our economy thrive and allows Oklahoma families to keep more of their pay in their pockets.

April 14, 2010

Working Across Oklahoma tour wraps up in Tulsa

We got started in Norman yesterday, which was the last day of the opening round of the Working Across Oklahoma tour.

I started off giving a speech at a health care providers’ conference. I talked about how the Obama/Pelosi health care bill is not the answer to meaningful reform. We need to introduce free-market reforms, transparency and competition into the system to lower costs, improve outcomes and increase access to affordable and quality health care.

There were health care professionals there who expressed to me concerns about the negative effects of “ObamaCare.” I told them when I’m governor I will lead the charge in overturning this jobs-killing, reckless-spending bill.

After speaking at the conference, we headed to Tulsa where I participated in a GOP gubernatorial candidate forum. There was a great crowd on hand and they received our campaign well. They also really responded to my message that as governor I will focus on creating a pro-business environment in Oklahoma that would lead to more and better jobs and greater economic prosperity for our families.

Then, I moved on to Oral Roberts University where I had the pleasure of speaking with members of the student government association. It’s always great to see young people who are motivated to serve their fellow students through service in student government.

Next, it was on to BlueCross BlueShield where I worked as a health care administrator. I sat in on meetings where the topic of conversation was how to “bend the cost curve” for the insurance carrier in order to reduce medical costs for its customers.

Finally, I ended the day by speaking to the Republican Assembly in Tulsa during one of their regular meetings at a Furr’s in the Farm Shopping Center. Again, our conservative message was well received and I had a good time visiting with folks there.

The 15-day tour is over and I'm headed back to Washington. It was a grueling schedule (I logged 14-hour days most days) but it’s been worth it to get out and talk one-on-one with Oklahomans while working alongside them in their offices, in their fields and on their factory floors.

While there are a number of important issues on the minds of Oklahomans right now, like health care and stopping out-of-control government spending, the issue I kept hearing over and over was that people want our next governor to focus on boosting our economy and creating an environment where more and better jobs are created.

When I kicked-off this tour, I promised my administration would do just that. After 15-days on the road, I promise you my resolve to fight on this issue has only grown stronger.

April 12, 2010

Today’s job gone to the dogs – Working Across Oklahoma tour

I’ve had a lot of interesting jobs on the Working Across Oklahoma tour. I drove a bus in Lawton. I made sandwiches at a Love’s in Webbers Falls and I drove a feed truck on a cattle ranch in Guymon.

However, I’m sure today’s work stop tops them all in terms of uniqueness. I worked as a vets’ assistant with Rick Reid at his animal clinic in Nowata. Normally, I would be a little nervous when a vet tells me I’m helping him clean the teeth of a dog. However, today I was actually relived to hear that. Originally, I’d been scheduled to help Rick spay a cat but that procedure got canceled! Nevertheless, it was interesting to watch the vet at work on the little dog.

Afterward, Rick and I talked about education. He’s also the president of the local school board and is dedicated to ensuring his students receive the best education possible. As governor, I’ll work to improve the quality of our educational institutions across the board: from grade school to vocational schools to our universities.

Earlier, our day started in Bartlesville in the usual way. We dropped in on several businesses in downtown before heading over to the library for a meet and greet reception with local GOP activists. It was good crowd of conservative activists. The Bartlesville Rotary Club had me as the guest speaker today and we had a good crowd for that meeting as well.

Also, I wanted to tell you about my day on Saturday. We traveled to Newcastle and Pauls Valley for the Working Across Oklahoma tour.

In Newcastle, we had 50-60 people show up for a meet and greet at Kairos Gun and Archery. There were a lot of NRA members in the house and they told me they appreciated my strong support of Second Amendment! The great folks at Kairos provided us all with some delicious barbecue.

In Pauls Valley, I worked the register at Reavis Drug. It was good to visit with the customers shopping at Reavis – which is a huge store with a lot more products than what you’d expect to find in a drug store. They were concerned about the recently passed federal health care bill and what effects it would have on them. I told them about the millions of dollars of unfunded mandates passed on to Oklahoma and about the Medicare program cuts contained in the bill. I also told them of how as governor, I will lead the fight to make sure this job-killing, reckless-spending bill is overturned.

Tomorrow, I’ll be in Tulsa where I’ll work again in the health care industry. It’s my last stop on this leg of the Working Across Oklahoma tour but we’re considering adding more work stops in the weeks ahead as the campaign continues.

April 9, 2010

Working Across Oklahoma Tour Update

Looking at the trip odometer this morning, I noticed we’ve traveled 3,600 miles since the Working Across Oklahoma tour started. The days have been long and we’ve spent lots of time on the road, but it’s all been worth it.

Today, we started in Oklahoma City where I dropped by the Arts Council to sit in on a meeting about the annual Arts Festival held in downtown Oklahoma City. It looks like the council has another year of great food, music and art on tap. Our non-profit organizations, like the Arts Council, do a great job of enhancing our communities with events like the annual festival.

After that, I went to the national Memorial Institute for the Prevention of Terrorism, where I spoke at the dedication of a memorial to Eric Petty and other Oklahoma soldiers who have been killed in the line of duty in Iraq and Afghanistan. Eric’s parents, Ronnie and Janet Petty, are dear friends and Janet has handled military affairs for my staff going back to my tenure as lieutenant governor. We must never forget the sacrifices made by our men and women in uniform in the name of keeping us free. We also must never forget the burden shouldered by families like the Pettys who sacrifices we can never repay but will always remember.

Later in the afternoon, I went to the UPS facility in south Oklahoma City where I delivered packages and rode a truck along a UPS delivery route. I got a few strange looks from people who expected to see their normal delivery person when I knocked on doors.

Finally, I ended the day in Edmond where I helped fill out a tax return at Hale & Co. CPAs. The Hale CPAs use sophisticated software, but our tax code remains very complicated. It’s easy to see why so many Oklahomans are frustrated when it comes to filling out your taxes. We need to look at simplifying our tax code. Additionally, it’s important we keep our tax burden low in Oklahoma so that our families can keep more of their hard-earned money.

The Working Across Oklahoma tour continues to be a huge success and I sure have appreciated the knowledge and insight I’ve gained. It’s important our next governor be connected with the people and understands what issues concern them most. And that’s exactly why I’m out here on the road and exactly what I’m learning while working alongside Oklahomans in their offices, out in the fields and on the factory floor.

Tomorrow, I’ll be visiting Newcastle for a meet and greet at a local gun shop as well as working at the Reavis drug store in Pauls Valley.

April 8, 2010

Honoring our seniors – Working Across Oklahoma tour update

Today, the schedule was light compared to what we’ve been doing the rest of the time on our Working Across Oklahoma tour.

Our stop today was especially meaningful to me. I worked at Sunset Estates nursing home during the summers while I went to Oklahoma State. And later, my mother was a resident in that same nursing home and I spent a great deal of time visiting her there. It was such a relief to me to know I could trust the staff to care for my mother and that the staff genuinely cared about her well-being.

Today, I visited the Tuscany Village Nursing Home in the Oklahoma City area and was able to speak with the staff and some residents. Tuscany Village is spectacular and I can tell the staff really works to attend to the physical needs of their residents as well as their emotional needs. In fact, the Tuscany Village staff sits down and eats every meal with their residents.

With an increasingly aging population, it’s important we take care of our seniors and treat them with the respect and dignity they deserve. We also must ensure we provide them with the health care they need. As governor, I will support programs that protect our seniors and enrich their lives.

But it’s disappointing to consider that the recently passed federal health care bill devastating cuts to the Medicare program, which many Oklahoma seniors depend on for their health care. I voted against this bill and as governor of Oklahoma I will lead the charge to see its repeal.

Tomorrow, I’ll be in the Oklahoma City area again for three work stops! I’ll be working at a non-profit organization, at an accountant’s office and as a UPS delivery person.

April 7, 2010

Banking on energy in southern Oklahoma – Working Across Oklahoma update

Today I traveled to the Arbuckle Mountain region of our state for the Working Across Oklahoma tour. We started off with a meet and greet reception this morning at the 77 Grill in Davis with my good friends Skip Healey and Bob Drake. The restaurant is one of those great “highway diners” that serves up delicious home-style food. The turnout was good and we had a pleasant time visiting with folks in Davis.

Our first work stop of the day was in Ardmore, where I worked at the First National Bank. The bank put me to work in the customer service department. We fielded several phone calls from customers and assisted them with any questions they had.

We left the bank and traveled to the Dornick Hills Country Club where the Ardmore Rotary Club meets. I talked with club members about our campaign and shared with them my intent to focus on the economy as governor. I talked about the Working Across Oklahoma tour and told club members I was out there doing the jobs of Oklahomans because I think it’s important our governor has an understanding of the concerns on the minds of “everyday” Oklahomans.

Next, it was on to Duncan – lots of beautiful scenery on the drive there. The folks at Mack Energy were kind enough to let me work on an oil field pumper. Though it was windy (my hard hat kept blowing off), it was a beautiful day to be working outside! A reporter from the local paper tagged along as we checked gauges to measure volume in the storage tanks then entered them into a handheld computer. Mack has done a great job utilizing new technologies to help drill and explore for energy more efficiently.

Like agriculture, the oil and gas industry has played a critical role in our state’s history – and will continue to do so in the future. Our nation needs an energy policy that protects our national interests while helping us end our reliance on foreign sources of energy. Oklahoma’s oil and gas companies, including independent producers like Mack, can and will play a big part in cultivating domestic energy sources. As governor, I will support our oil and gas industry and work to ensure they are able to help us secure our energy independence!

Finally, we ended the day with a meet and greet reception at the Simmons Center, a local recreation and events center. The turnout was great and it was good to meet a lot of new friends and supporters in Duncan!

Tomorrow, I’ll be working at a nursing home in the Oklahoma City area. Our schedule has been packed lately because of the tour and we’ve put a lot of miles on the odometer in a short amount of time. But the long days are worth it to spend time talking one-on-one with Oklahomans about how we can get our economy growing again to create more prosperity for our families.

April 6, 2010

On the Air in Western OK – Working Across Oklahoma tour update

Today, we took the Working Across Oklahoma tour to Western Oklahoma for stops in Weatherford, Cordell, Clinton and Arapaho. As we rolled along Interstate 40, I noticed the trip odometer passed 2,500 miles! We’ve traveled a lot of miles and burned a lot of gasoline on this tour, but it’s been terrific to get out there and work with Oklahomans and talk about what they’d like the next governor to focus on.

In Weatherford, I worked as an on-air DJ for KWEY radio! Vanessa, the morning host, showed me the reins and helped make sure I made all my commercial breaks. One of the songs I spun was “American Honey” by Lady Antebellum. While the songs were playing, Vanessa and I had the chance to talk and she told me about how she worked to balance her job with her parenting responsibilities. Even more tough for Vanessa is that her day starts at 5 a.m.! I certainly appreciate her and all the hard-working parents out there who provide for their families and perform well at their jobs. As governor, I will support policies that strengthen Oklahoma families and ensure they have the opportunity to pursue greater prosperity.

Next, it was on to Cordell where I got the chance to speak to a joint meeting of the Kiwanis, Rotary and Lions clubs. I speak to a lot of civic clubs and it’s always encouraging to see so many people dedicated to helping improve their own community. The willingness to serve others and help a friend in need is one of the great attributes of our people.

In Clinton, I toured the Bar-S Foods facilities and talked with employees during the afternoon shift change. The factory produces hot links, hot dogs and processes chickens and other meat products. After visiting with workers, I had the opportunity to talk with the management there and they told me they wanted to continue expanding their operations in Oklahoma. However, two things may keep them – and a lot of other Oklahoma companies – from doing so: our workers’ compensation system and the Obama/Pelosi health care system.

As governor, I’ll work with the Legislature to reform our workers’ comp system so that we can lower costs for businesses but still provide a way to compensate injured workers. I’ll also continue to fight the type of job-killing, excessive-spending programs like “ObamaCare” that keep coming from Washington.

Finally, we ended the day with a campaign reception at the barn of the Day family of Arapaho. My good friend Congressman Frank Lucas was the special guest and he gave me a very gracious introduction before I spoke to the crowd! We had a great time and it was good to see so many friends and supporters in western Oklahoma.

Tomorrow, I’m off to southern Oklahoma where I’ll work on an oil field pumper crew for Mack Energy in Duncan!

April 5, 2010

Working Across Oklahoma - Working with green in Green Country!

Hello again! Today, I traveled to eastern Oklahoma for the Working Across Oklahoma tour. I always enjoy trips into Green Country and the area is earning its nickname now that we’re into spring!

For the first work stop of the day, I worked as a sales clerk and at the sandwich counter in the Love’s Country Store along Interstate 40 in Webbers Falls. The staff was great and welcomed me into their crew! While we rang up gasoline purchases and made sandwiches for the hungry travelers, I got the chance to talk with my co-workers about what kinds of issues concerned them.

Like many Oklahomans, they were concerned with the state of our economy as well as balancing work with family obligations. My main focus as governor will be to focus on creating a pro-business environment so that we can have more and better jobs in Oklahoma.

Another part of making our state business friendly, and friendly to families, will be to work toward lowering the tax burden on Oklahoma families so they can keep more of their hard-earned money.

For lunch, we then drove to Stilwell for a meet and greet reception at the Charlie’s Chicken. A couple of the Adair County Commissioners joined me for the meet and greet and we had a good talk with the diners at Charlie’s.

In Tahlequah, I had a meeting with the Cherokee Nation before heading off to Hulbert to work at the Tri-B Nurseries for our second work stop. At Tri-B, I worked in “production planting” which means I helped fill and arrange several potted plants including some habanero peppers! The folks at Tri-B told me they were concerned about the penalties and taxes included in the recently passed Obama/Pelosi health care bill. Those tax increases and penalties on businesses were a couple of the many reasons I voted against “ObamaCare” as many times as I could. As governor, I will the charge in our state to fight against the big-government takeover of our health care system.

We ended the day with back-to-back receptions in Tahlequah. At the Chamber of Commerce, the folks there shared with me about the great things going on in Tahlequah. And our friends at the Cherokee County GOP were fired up about this year’s election. It definitely will be a great election year for fellow conservatives across the state and our nation!

Tomorrow, we’ll be on the opposite side of the state, working as an on-air DJ in Weatherford and visiting Clinton and Cordell for campaign stops!

April 2, 2010

Farming cattle and wind in the Panhandle – Day Five of Working Across Oklahoma

Today marks the end of Week One (a long, but enjoyable week) of the Working Across Oklahoma tour. I’ve had the honor of working alongside some great Oklahomans and so far it’s been an incredible trip.

This morning, a round of spring thunderstorms kept us from flying to Boise City as planned. Instead, we hopped in the car and drove to our meetings in Guymon. I know a lot of statewide elected officials can neglect the Panhandle because it’s isolated; but it’s an important part of our state and I promise I’ll visit plenty when I’m governor of Oklahoma!

After speaking to the local Rotary Club, I headed out to the Mayer Ranch to work as a ranch hand. As you’d expect, the pastures were littered with cow chips, but we pulled on our boots and waded into the mess. Joe Mayer rode along as I drove his feed truck through the pastures to feed some of his herd and check on the cattle.

Agriculture has played a huge role in our past and will be an important part of our future. There’s a lot of technology and strategy that goes on in today’s ag industry and Oklahoma can be proud of the work our farmers are doing. They represent the best of our state with our common values of self-reliance, community and integrity. As governor, I will be committed to supporting our agriculture industry and ensuring the long-term survival of our farms.

Next, I visited with the folks at Novus Windpower, which is a wind energy company based in Guymon. They took me on a tour of one of their wind farms on the other side of the Oklahoma/Texas border. Novus is doing great work in trying to harness the wind that comes sweeping down the plains. We just need to get more wind farms on our side of the border!

Our nation must develop a comprehensive, long-term strategy for ending our dependence on foreign sources of energy. Part of that plan will be unleashing our oil and gas companies so they can develop our domestic energy sources. But another key component will be alternative energy sources like wind farms. In my administration, I will work to ensure Oklahoma becomes a leader in the alternative energy industry.

We ended the day with a lovely reception at the Draper barn outside of Guymon. They have some really neat memorabilia there including a collection of canes, a collection of old cars, license plates, umbrellas, books, scales, dolls, cassette tapes and old record players.

Finally, today is Good Friday and I want to wish all of you a very Happy Easter. I’m looking forward to spending time with my family on Easter Sunday and I hope you are able to do the same.

The Working Across Oklahoma tour gets going again on Monday. I’m headed to eastern Oklahoma to work in a Love’s Country Store in Webbers Falls and to work at a nursery in Hulbert.

April 1, 2010

Okie from Muskogee! Day Four of Working Across Oklahoma tour

I spent the whole day as an “Okie in Muskogee” for day four of our Working Across Oklahoma tour.

Our day started off at the Muskogee Regional Medical Center where I worked as a nurse’s aide. I helped administer a health check up to one of the women who worked at the hospital. Turns out, we knew each other. I had hired her to work for me in Tulsa years ago when I was district manager for a national hotel chain. What a small world!

For the second day, I got the chance to speak with a group of doctors and medical staff. Obviously the hot topic was the Obama/Pelosi health care bill and its impact on Oklahoma. The so-called “ObamaCare” will cut $523 billion from Medicare, which will affect the health and well being of our seniors, and burdens our state with millions of dollars of unfunded mandates.

From Day One, I have opposed a big-government takeover of our health care system and as governor I will continue to fight policies like “ObamaCare” that will eliminate jobs and pass along mountains of debt to future generations of Americans.

After leaving the hospital, I was able to speak to the Muskogee Rotary Club. The club meets in the Oklahoma Music Hall of Fame building which is very cool! I also had the chance to drop in on a few businesses downtown and visit with folks.

Finally, I wrapped up the day working as a hostess at Mayhlon’s BBQ restaurant. In between taking orders and serving food, I got the chance to visit with a few customers and one of the main concerns on their minds right now is the economy.

It’s a concern of many Oklahomans and will have to be the main focus of our next governor. And that’s why I’m out on the road for this jobs tour: I’m gaining valuable insight into our state while getting the chance to talk one-on-one with employers, employees and everyday working Oklahomans.

As governor, my main focus will be to create a business friendly environment that will bring more and better jobs to our state and lead to greater economic prosperity for our families!

Tomorrow, I’m headed to the opposite side of the state: the Oklahoma Panhandle. I’ll be making a few stops and working as a ranch hand in Guymon!