October 29, 2010

Muskogee Phoenix Endorses Mary Fallin for Oklahoma Governor

The Muskogee Phoenix endorsed Mary Fallin for Oklahoma governor.  The Phoenix wrote:
Governor: Vote Mary Fallin. In a race with two very strong candidates, Fallin gets the nod over Jari Askins. Fallin has a better vision and a sense of urgency. We need someone who is ready to take action and move Oklahoma forward. Fallin has the experience as a state representative and lieutenant governor. The state will be in good hands either way, but we believe Fallin is a cut above.

October 28, 2010

Enid News & Eagle Endorses Mary Fallin for Oklahoma Governor!

The Enid News and Eagle endorsed Mary Fallin for Oklahoma governor:

When looking at the priorities the state has to deal with — the overall budget shortfall, education funding, road and bridge priorities and the need to keep Oklahoma on solid footing in economic development, we give the nod to both Republicans to lead the top of the ticket and join the Republican-led Legislature in seeing what they can really do to move Oklahoma ahead.
As governor, Mary Fallin would provide the kind of aggression needed in addressing some top issues that our state has to get a handle on.
Click here to read the paper's entire endorsement.

October 27, 2010

JC Watts Endorses Mary Fallin for OK Governor

Fallin for Governor Caravan Barnstorming the State on Saturday!

On Saturday, October 30, we're sending teams all across Oklahoma for the Fallin for Governor Caravan. Nine teams will start in various locations across the state. All together, we'll be hitting more than 50 towns Saturday morning to energize our supporters and to remind people to vote for Mary on Tuesday.

Click here for a complete list of the towns, times and locations of the stops along the caravan.

At each stop, we'll pass out stickers, hand out campaign literature and put out yard signs in high-traffic areas. Then, our teams will caravan back to Oklahoma City for a huge "get out the vote" with Mary at 2 p.m. at the Harn Homestead.

We'd like you to join us for the caravan and for your help, we'll give you a special campaign t-shirt for free!  If you have questions about the caravan or would like to join us, please call (405) 778-8900.

Or just meet up with our team Saturday at one of the caravan stops!

October 26, 2010

National Veterans Group Endorses Mary Fallin for Oklahoma Governor

In a recent letter, the National Vietnam and Gulf War Veterans Coalition endorsed Mary Fallin for Oklahoma governor.

The group wrote:
Your leadership, patriotism and common sense are especially needed at this particular time in our history when our beloved country is at risk, not only from foreign terrorists, but also from domestic advocates of extreme social and economic "reform" and the weaklings who fail to confront them. ...
As veterans, we served to protect our nation and, although we are concerned about veterans issues, we continue to be focused, like you, on "What can we do for our country?" ...
We are very appreciative of your strong efforts to stem the tide of illegal immigration which severly threatens our national security. ... We are also very grateful for your heaving supported efforts to effect the return of our POWs.

October 25, 2010

The Oklahoman Endorses Mary Fallin for Oklahoma Governor

The Oklahoman, the largest news paper in the state, endorsed Mary Fallin for Oklahoma governor.

A governor functions as the state's chief economic development official. One factor holding Oklahoma back in economic development is the state's workers' compensation system. Fallin has worked for years to reform the system. She would make reform a top priority. ...
The state needs aggressive leadership in the area of workers' compensation reform. Fallin would provide it. ... 
To give Oklahoma a boost during these troubled economic times, we urge voters to select Republicans Mary Fallin.

Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise Endorses Mary Fallin for OK Governor

From the Bartlesville Examiner-Enterprise Endorsement of Mary Fallin:

Regardless the outcome, the 2010 Oklahoma gubernatorial race is, itself, historic. For the first time, both major parties have nominated women for the state’s top job. Both candidates are well qualified, and either would provide much needed leadership that has been sadly lacking since 2002.

But we think the edge clearly goes to Mary Fallin.

Fallin has experience in state and federal deliberative bodies, having served in the Oklahoma House of Representatives and the United States Congress. She distinguished herself in both offices and proved her ability to get legislation passed. She has been tough and determined to move good bills forward to the benefit of Oklahomans. The contacts and political relationships she forged while a Congresswoman will deliver a level of access and expertise in dealing with federal officials that has been missing during the current administration — and would continue to be missing in her opponent’s administration.

And as lieutenant governor, no one worked harder than Mary Fallin to improve the environment for job growth in our state. Among other accomplishments, Fallin worked tirelessly with Oklahoma Department of Commerce economic development professionals to expand the Certified Cities program. Communities across the state are better positioned for growth because of her contribution to their efforts, and thanks to her involvement, many communities enjoy enhanced prosperity today.

Mary Fallin is the right choice to lead Oklahoma, and on Nov. 2, our vote will be cast for her.

October 21, 2010

Mary Fallin for Governor - New TV AD, "Consider This"

Mary Fallin is consistently conservative. Consider this ... Mary Fallin is the only candidate for Oklahoma governor who has opposed Obamacare, who supports the Arizona immigration law and who will stand up to the Obama administration's failed policies. And Mary is the only candidate with a plan to create jobs, reduce government spending and lower taxes.

Watch our newest commercial, "Consider This," below:

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October 20, 2010

Fact Check: Jari Askins is Misleading Voters About Her Record

Oklahoma City - Fallin for Governor Communications Director Alex Weintz issued the following statement today responding to Jari Askins' claim that she has been publicly opposed to President Obama's health care reform plan and cap and trade for over a year:

"Jari Askins has finally realized that voters are rejecting her liberal positions on issues and is trying to reinvent herself two weeks before the election. It's a desperate, last minute attempt to reinvigorate her failing campaign, and voters will see right through it.

"Oklahomans want a principled, conservative leader, not someone who arrives at a position when it's politically convenient. That's why conservative Republicans, Democrats and independents will all choose Mary Fallin for governor on November 2nd."

Fact Check

Claim: Jari Askins has opposed Barack Obama's health care plan and "cap and trade" for over a year

"Askins said for more than a year she has publicly opposed health care reform and cap and trade policies of the Obama administration." - Oklahoman, 10/20/10

Fact: Mary Fallin called on Attorney General Drew Edmondson to challenge the constitutionality of the federal health care overhaul in court; Jari Askins did not. And one day after her primary election victory, Jari said she was undecided about the bill.

"[Askins] said she hasn't made a decision on the bill. ‘Honestly, I'm still reading the bill,' Askins said." - Oklahoman, 7/29

Fact: Askins for Governor Campaign Manager Sid Hudson is quoted in today's issue of the Oklahoma Gazette explaining why Jari Askins does not speak out on issues like cap and trade.

Hudson: "Jari could give an opinion on cap and trade, but it's just an opinion. I think Oklahomans would prefer she be more concerned with helping run the state of Oklahoma." - Oklahoma Gazette, 10/20/10

October 14, 2010

Mary Fallin for Governor - Education Equals Jobs

Improving our economy and bringing more jobs and prosperity to Oklahoma means improving our schools. Watch our ad below to learn more.

October 11, 2010

Senator Tom Coburn Endorses Mary Fallin for Governor

OKLAHOMA CITY – U.S. Senator Tom Coburn officially endorsed Mary Fallin in her race for Oklahoma governor today.

“Oklahoma cannot succeed if Washington continues to pursue reckless, big-government spending programs like Obamacare,” said Coburn. “Mary Fallin is the only candidate for governor who opposes the federal takeover of our health care system and will be a governor who stands up to Washington’s tax-and-spend philosophy.”

Fallin said she was thrilled to have Coburn’s support.

“Tom Coburn is a true hero to the American taxpayer,” said Fallin. “No one has done more to stop wasteful spending in Washington than he has, and I’m excited about having his support in the governor’s race.”

October 7, 2010

Fallin Clarifies Statement on SQ 755

There has been some confusion about where I stand on State Question 755, which would ban Sharia Law from being used in Oklahoma's courts. I support that state question.

I have sent the following statement to the Tulsa World, which reported yesterday I was undecided on the issue, to clarify:

I oppose the use of either International Law or Sharia Law by our courts to decide cases and I support the constitutional amendment banning that practice. At a recent candidate forum, my opponent in this race stated she was opposed to the amendment because of possible "unintended consequences." I said then I would review the ballot language to address her concerns. Having done that, I am confident this amendment serves its original intent: to protect our court system from the influence of international legal systems and Sharia Law. I plan to vote "yes" on SQ 755 and I encourage other Oklahomans to do so as well.

U.S. Sen Jim Inhofe Endorses Mary Fallin for Oklahoma Governor

OKLAHOMA CITY – U.S. Senator Jim Inhofe officially endorsed Mary Fallin in her race for Oklahoma governor today. He will be spending the day on the campaign trail with Fallin and attending a meet-and-greet reception with her in Marietta.

“Mary Fallin is a lifelong conservative with the experience, the vision and the backbone to move Oklahoma forward,” said Inhofe. “As a congresswoman, Mary took her Oklahoma values to Washington and stood up to President Obama and against bad policies like ‘cap and trade’ and government-run health care. I know she’ll be the kind of tough, smart governor we need and I’m proud to support her candidacy.”

Fallin said she was glad to have Inhofe’s support and praised his record in the United States Senate. “Jim has always been a strong, conservative voice who represents Oklahoma well,” she said. “I’m grateful to him for taking the time to hit the trail with me today.”

Inhofe and Fallin will be attending meetings in Lawton today prior to travelling to the Marietta meet-and-greet. They will also be campaigning in Tulsa together on Monday.

October 5, 2010

Enid News: Fallin speaks about plans

From the Enid News:

ENID — Oklahoma Republican gubernatorial candidate Mary Fallin outlined the four planks of her Fallin Plan Monday at the Enid Rotary Club.

The first plan is to get Oklahoma’s economy working by focusing on jobs and creating a better business climate. She also wants to keep taxes low in the state and as the economy further rebounds, reduce them even more.

“Small business owners have told me the costs of workers’ compensation insurance keep them from expanding and adding jobs,” Fallin said.

Click here to read the rest of the article.

October 4, 2010

Mary Fallin Talks About the Oklahoma State Budget

The Oklahoman ran a conversation with Mary Fallin about how she will deal with Oklahoma's budget issues as governor.  Below are a couple of responses:

How would you work to improve the state's economy?
To improve the economy we need to create the best possible environment for job creation. I will do that by working to reduce cost-drivers for business, like excessive workers' compensation costs and legal fees. I'll improve education to ensure that we have the kind of highly skilled work force that attracts good jobs. Finally, I'll work to scale back taxes on individuals and businesses.

It appears likely state lawmakers will be facing another large budget hole for the 2012 fiscal year, which starts July 1. What are your suggestions in how to deal with it? More budget cuts, or do you have some ideas to increase revenue?
The last thing Oklahoma needs during this recession is a tax hike on families or businesses. The way to grow our revenue stream is to create jobs and grow the economy, not to nickel and dime our citizens with fee increases and taxes. Government will have to be smaller, smarter and more efficient. Our state government must learn to live within its means.

Tax revenues for the state have come in an average 5 percent for the first two months of this fiscal year. If economic growth is at least 4 percent for the fiscal year, the income tax rate is to be cut from 5.5 percent to 5.25 percent. Do you prefer letting those tax cuts go into effect or suspending them?
Lower taxes stimulate economic growth, help to create jobs and attract businesses to Oklahoma. I do support letting these tax cuts go into effect. Again, we need to find ways to make our government more efficient and effective and to live within its means, not search for ways to squeeze more money out of taxpayers and businesses.

Click here to read the entire article.

October 1, 2010

From the Blogosphere: OK Gov Race By The Numbers

The blog, Doyle Pruitt's "Truth in Politics" recently had a post about the Oklahoma governor's race "by the numbers."

The blog ran down recent polling numbers, TV commercials and news stories.  Click here to read the post.